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全美會表示,感謝美國國會以及政府相關部門,不僅信守承諾,以高規格接待蔡英文, 該會也要向全世界宣告,美國必定與受極權政府欺壓的民主夥伴,堅定地站在一起。 該會全力肯定政府最近的整體表現,並指出,有近5成民眾滿意過去1個月內溫暖內閣的施政表現,海外台僑也全力肯定蔡政府最近的整體表現。

全美會響應蔡英文「給世界更好的台灣」的主張,要展現台灣的韌性與繁榮發展,帶動區域經濟發展、 和平共榮。該會也呼籲全美會同鄉,響應台灣人公共事務會(FAPA)的請願書,聯繫各州國會議員,連署邀請蔡總統到華盛頓特區訪問,甚至在參眾兩院議會上發表演說。 

全美會表示,面臨中國企圖破壞區域和平,這次的總統出訪更具特別的意義,全美台灣同鄉會希望在美國的各大台灣社團,台灣商會,校友會等,大家團結一致,結合海外的力量 ,一起展示同鄉對母國台灣總統蔡英文的歡迎,告訴全世界,「我們是團結的 Team Taiwan」 。


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To promote the best interests and welfare of the Taiwanese community and to enrich and to further an appreciation of the culture and ethnic heritages as such apply to the way of life upon the American scene, promoting fellowship, harmony and support between and among the citizenry of the community.


To thus further maintain its purpose and thereby attain its objective, TAA shall at all times predicate its policies upon established principles that enrich human personality and group association through educational, literary, culture, and other related activities and through policies that conduct forums, panels, lectures or other similar programs for the entire community in general and for all segments of Taiwanese community in particular and through the policies that provide publishing activities.


To firmly establish TAA as an American institution adhered to the promotion of Taiwanese identity and appreciation of the Taiwanese heritage, TAA shall as its further purpose and objective be perpetually committed to the acceptance of the individual’s communal obligation, the advocacy of responsible citizenship and the protection, maintenance and retention of the American democratic way of life, its creed and its philosophy; and be committed to the defense of human and civil rights secured by law; and to the elimination of prejudice and discrimination.

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