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  感謝大家對全美台灣同鄉會的支持, 我們才能夠一 步一腳印的走到

現在。全美台灣同鄉會走過半世紀,超過 50歲了 ! 雖然身處海外異鄉,

但只要走到美國各地的「台灣同鄉會」, 保證您會感受到台灣故鄉的

溫暖。全美會的宗旨,除了 連絡鄉親,增進情誼外,「宣揚台灣文化,

幫助台灣走 向國際,成為正常化國家」也是台灣同鄉會的使命之一 !


軍事威脅與挑釁,全美台灣同鄉會立足美 國,建構台美人的美好社會,

在關心台灣的議題上,我 們依舊在「堅守台灣民主自由,建立台灣成為正常獨立 國家」的路上持續前進。

前輩們五十年來的努力,讓我們不斷的學習! 我常常在思考,在那個時空背景下,為什麼前輩們會有 這樣的大的決心與勇氣,甘為台灣義無反顧地衝衝衝 ? 如果時空移轉,這一代的我們會有勇氣做跟他們一 樣的事嗎 ? 這個問題時時鞭策著我們,讓我們繼續前進 !50 年的歷史軌跡,感謝前輩的汗水、淚水與心血, 將民主幼苗孕育成了大樹,我們才能在樹底下乘涼避蔭 ! 那些昔日飄撇的少年家,現在多已青絲變白髮, 多是兒女成群的阿公阿嬤;甚或有些已先轉往下一個旅程,但「台灣同鄉會」五十年悠悠歲月傳給我們的, 是那個堅韌的台灣魂及愛台灣永遠不變的心 !

Thank you all for your support for the Taiwanese American Association of the USA. It is through your support that we have been able to take step by step to reach where we are now. The Taiwanese American Association of the USA has been around for over half a century, over 50 years! Even though we are living overseas, whenever you visit a "Taiwanese Association" across the United States, you are guaranteed to feel the warmth of your Taiwanese homeland.

The purpose of the Taiwanese American Association goes beyond connecting fellow Taiwanese and fostering friendships. One of our missions is to "promote Taiwanese culture and assist Taiwan in becoming a normalized country on the international stage." We have gone from resisting the unjust rule of the Nationalist Party to now opposing China's military threats and provocations against Taiwan. Based in the United States, the Taiwanese American Association is working towards creating a better society for Taiwanese Americans, and we continue to advance on the path of "defending Taiwanese democracy and freedom, and establishing Taiwan as a normal, independent country."

The efforts of our predecessors over the past fifty years have provided us with invaluable lessons. I often ponder, in that specific time and context, why did our predecessors have such determination and courage to wholeheartedly devote themselves to Taiwan? If we were transported back in time, would our generation have the courage to do the same? This question continually motivates us to keep moving forward.


The 50-year history is a testament to the hard work, tears, and dedication of our predecessors, who nurtured the seed of democracy into a thriving tree. We now enjoy its shade. Those youths from the past, who were once carefree, are now mostly grandparents with a multitude of grandchildren. Some have even embarked on their next journey. However, what the "Taiwanese Association" has passed down to us over these fifty years is the enduring spirit of Taiwan and an unwavering love for Taiwan.



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